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this evening. but we see what's going on right now. and we are dropping lots of tornado warnings in tennessee this morning as well. so we will see what the national weather service has to do with it tomorrow after they survey the damage there. but this is marching off towards the east and we are going to be in the potential for flooding as we go later into the evening. as the strong line of storms will move through and we can see some of the yellows there. that's what will work its way in there as we go around 8 into the overnighttime frame be prepared for that. all this is courtesy of the cold front that's going to move through. and behind the cold front we will be dealing with much colder air. so mild today with a high close to 68. get sunshine in here and we will be seeing the 70s. we look outside right now and we can see the clouds but we can see a few peeks of some light out there. so we will see how this turns out as we go throughout the day. but in terms of temperatures, this morning, quite mild. look at the 51 in ellicott sety. manchester at 53. monrovia close to 60. so you know what
and airport officials say everyone got off the plane safely. >>> a smash and grab job at a tennessee gas station and all caught on camera. the van pulled toward the gas pumps then backed through the store window. one watching the rid owe she says he can't believe what happened so close to home. >> that dopamine you got to steel man. i think it's pretty sorry. they're going to have to foot the bill there are that. >> -- for that. >> the thieves made off with an atm. >>> we do want to let you know this morning baltimore city, they are telling us that margaret brent elementary middle school are closed today because they don't have any heat. but if you're a staff member there, bundle up because you got to show up anyway. but again, that's margaret brent elementary and middle schools and no heat today so no class. >>> this morning now facing harsh criticism for remarks he made about kwanzaa. >> why senator called the holiday and its founder fake. >> also, florida, north carolina or california? where do you want to live? we're going to tell you where most people are choosing or what they did i
indianapolis today, we are dealing with some storm damage and today neigho -- tornado damage in tennessee. this is the line that you can see the boeing line. that means that you're getting some convective wind. so windy conditions across the area but also some tornado warnings now. several just to the east of mashville. so just know that this line is marching towards us as we go through time. right now, though, we are dry. we are dealing with lots of fog out there. mild conditions that temperature coming in at 55 degrees right now in west friendship. and as we go throughout the day, temperatures will soar 64 but i am forecasting a high around 68. if we get a little sunshine we could see 70 across the area. the calm before the storm as it begins to move our way. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. fog is a problem across the reg unlet expect reduced advice -- region. expect reduced visibility. 95 at mountain road, everything is moving along. you won't have trouble traveling down to white marsh and from there into the city. as we
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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